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What is Wet-Hosing and is it Right for You?

If you operate commercial vehicles of any scale, you know that keeping everything fueled and ready to go can be costly in more ways than one. You may have begun investigating various approaches to help you save time and money in your daily operations. That’s where wet-hosing comes into play.

What is Wet-Hosing?

Also known as direct fueling, fleet fueling, or mobile onsite fueling, wet-hosing is what happens when a fuel delivery vehicle travels to a location and pumps fuel directly from the delivery truck into the customer’s vehicle or equipment. This usually occurs in large-scale vehicles such as cranes, bulldozers, commercial trucks or buses, and agricultural machinery.

How Does Wet-Hosing Work?

It’s simple. A fuel truck will come to your location and individually fuel all of the specified equipment. The driver will track how much fuel is pumped into each vehicle; you will receive this data after the service is provided.

What are the Benefits of Wet-Hosing?

  • Convenience – When was the last time you saw a crane or tractor fueling up at the gas station down the road? Most likely never. It simply isn’t convenient or even possible. Wet-hosing, on the other hand, directly fills the vehicle or machinery, saving you a stop at the gas station (which may be miles away from your job site) and keeping your workers productive during their shifts.
  • Increased Productivity – Fueling takes time, especially when you’re dealing with large machinery. Wet-hosing frees up your workers from needing to take time out to fuel up in the middle of a job. Best of all, your trucks, tractors, and construction equipment will be ready to go whenever you are.
  • Reduce Vehicular Maintenance Costs – Wear and tear is real and affects all types of vehicles. Driving your construction machines or tractors to fuel up will add up over time. With wet-hosing, you can extend your visits to the mechanic and won’t be in need of fluids, replacements, and repairs as often.
  • One Less Thing to Worry About – Wet-hosing allows you to put greater focus on your operations instead of interrupting your day to get fuel. All you need to do is call your friends at Home Service Oil, and we’ll handle everything!

If you think wet-hosing sounds like a good idea for your fleet, then call Home Service Oil. We’re proud to deliver fuel quickly and efficiently to your farm or business property whenever you need it. Call us today at 1-800-467-5044 to learn more!




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