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4 Valuable Benefits of E85 Fuel

How often do you think of the term “renewable” when fueling up a vehicle? Ethanol, which is produced from sugar cane or corn, is one of the renewable fuels made available. Specifically, E85 is a blend of fuel that can prove useful to you and your surroundings. Continue reading to find out 4 valuable benefits of E85 fuel.

E85 Fuel Explained

E85, or “flex fuel,” is a mixture of part gasoline and part ethanol – containing up to 85% of ethanol depending on the time of year. The ethanol percentage of E85 can range anywhere from 51% to 85%.  In winter months, a higher percent of gasoline is needed to give the fuel a higher Reid vapor pressure. Just like there are different blends of fuels based on the season, the outside temperatures also impact the percentage of ethanol in E85 fuel. Flex-fuel vehicles are designed to run on gasoline or gasoline-ethanol blends. Not all vehicles can run on E85, so make sure to check your vehicle before fueling.

Fewer Emissions

Due to the low amount of energy E85 creates within an engine, flex fuel tends to result in fewer emissions of some pollutants. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), E85 can provide important reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as compared to petroleum-derived gasoline or lower volume ethanol blends.

More Horsepower

With a higher octane than gasoline, E85 can actually provide more horsepower. Its ability to resist compression and detonation would increase the rate at which an engine would work. That’s why professional racecar drivers occasionally opt for more ethanol in their tanks than not.

Cheaper by the Gallon

One benefit that consumers enjoy at the pump is the price per gallon. Especially compared to the average cost of premium gasoline, flex fuel is cheap to fill up on. While not every gas station provides E85, there are more popping up each year.

Rural Job Creation

If you live in a rural community, fuels including E85 are also creating jobs and boosting the economy near you. The Renewable Fuels Association says that in 2018, the production of 16.1 billion gallons of ethanol resulted in positive economic impacts including over 71,000 direct jobs across the country, $46 billion contribution to GDP, and $25 billion in household income.

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