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How to Properly Fuel a Sports Car Engine

One of the most popular classes of professional motorsport, sports car racing relies on the cars’ toughness, the drivers’ abilities behind the wheel, and the fuel that revs the engines. While the first two factors will help drivers to win a race, fuel is what powers these incredible vehicles. Without it, there is no race – but not just any fuel will get the job done. Read on to find out more about what it takes to properly fuel a sports car engine.

Engine Mechanics 101

The primary job of an engine is to take energy, which comes from an explosive mixture of air and gasoline, and turn it into motion. The flow of gasoline to the engine is controlled by the foot pedals and the flow of air is determined by the vehicle’s carburetor. Both are compressed within the engine and specific amounts are distributed and ignited with the help of an internal spark. Multiple contained explosions force energy downward into pistons which rotate a crankshaft to propel a vehicle’s wheels.

High-Octane Fuel

The engine of a sports car is much different from that of your everyday-use vehicle. They require a fuel that contains a high level of octane – the number a fuel is labeled with in order to showcase its ability to resist compression before igniting. This prevents all of that energy occurring throughout the engine from igniting on its own. An out of control engine cannot provide the best results for power or speed.

Leaded and Unleaded Gasoline

Sports cars in need of a high-octane fuel have the option to utilize leaded and unleaded gasoline. Tetraethyl Lead itself provides a significant amount of octane, so its mixture with racing fuel can provide what racers need to be the best. Unleaded gasoline contains other additives besides lead that also help provide high-octane levels. An importance difference in the use of these fuels is that oxygen sensors do not work well with leaded gasoline.

Our Racing Fuel

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