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The Benefits of Fuel Polishing

Think about it. You have a generator or other vital equipment at your worksite that requires you to store extra fuel for onsite. As that fuel sits in the tank waiting for you to use it, it degrades and becomes contaminated with water, bacteria, dirt, and various types of fungi.

You don’t want to use contaminated fuel because it makes your machine less efficient and puts it at risk of shutting down or even failing.

Now, I bet you think you have to replace all of your contaminated fuel. Wrong! Fuel polishing can purify your fuel and make it like new in no time.

Read on to learn more about fuel polishing and why it’s a wise investment for any company to make.


If you let the contaminates in your fuel run through your generator’s engine, you risk damaging the generator and causing it to fail. Generators, especially diesel generators, are expensive to fix. In addition, once your power supply is left insecure, you risk costly downtime.

Replacing all the contaminated fuel can be costly, not to mention bad for the environment.

Fuel polishing saves you from spending thousands on maintenance, fuel, and hazardous waste removal fees. It also lessens the likelihood of the hazardous, contaminated fuel leeching into the soil, water, and other vital parts of our delicate ecosystems.


A fuel polishing technician can do their job without disrupting workflow. By hiring a good fueling polishing technician, you ensure that proper maintenance is being carried out on your equipment and that your equipment stays reliable. This is especially vital if we’re talking about keeping a generator for crucial infrastructures, like a hospital, operable.


Cleaner fuel means that there will be fewer contaminates that your fuel filter needs to catch. The less the fuel filter has the work, the less likely it will wear out prematurely. Filters can be time-consuming to change and only adds to maintenance needs. Trust us; you don’t want to waste time dealing with a filter clog, especially if you can easily avoid it.


Fuel filters can remove solid contaminates from your fuel but aren’t always able to tackle the liquid contamination. Water is one of the most problematic contaminants. Luckily, fuel polishing can remove liquid contaminants using separator and coalescer equipment. This equipment can even remove all three types of water contamination: free, dissolved, and emulsified water.

Separator and coalescer equipment aren’t just for liquid contaminates either. They can also help remove tank sludge and other semi-solid contaminants.


At Home Service Oil, we care about all your fuel needs. That includes educating our audience about the importance of fuel maintenance. Fuel polishing can carry you a long way. To save you money, downtime, and the environment, we suggest you invest in fuel polishing ASAP.

When searching for the proper fuel polishing technician, do your research to ensure they correctly carry out the job.

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