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Gasoline VS. Diesel Generators – Which Is Best?

Generators are used as a backup source of power when there’s a power failure. For places like hospitals, construction sites, and farms, they ensure a continuous electric power source for crucial machines and processes.

So, how do you know which type of generator is best for you? Do you go gasoline or diesel? Keep reading to learn which kind of generator suits your needs best.


Depending on how you use your generator, a diesel generator may be cheaper to operate in the long run.

Unlike a gasoline engine that mixes the fuel and air in the carburetor before compression, a diesel generator introduces diesel fuel and air to the engine separately. Only the air is compressed. Thus, your engine will run more efficiently. Compared to a gasoline generator, a diesel generator will burn only 50% as much fuel over any given period.

Although gasoline may be easier to get a hold of and initially cheaper at the pump, in the long run, if you’re using your generator for long periods, you should probably go with a diesel generator.


Diesel generators don’t have a carburetor or spark plugs, requiring less maintenance than gasoline generators. That’s not to say gasoline generators need a ton of care, but they still need more than their counterparts.

However, gasoline generators tend to run hotter than diesel generators, meaning they’ll naturally break down faster. If you want your gasoline generator to live a long life, ensure that its applications aren’t too intensive or in high demand.

On the other hand, diesel generators hold up longer if you use them consistently. So, if you only need a generator for an occasional power outage, you may be better off with a gasoline one.


Gasoline generators tend to be cheaper and are offered in more models than diesel generators. If you’re using a diesel generator over a prolonged period, you may see its fuel efficiency benefits.

Gasoline generators also come in smaller, more portable models, making them ideal for moving to and from different spaces, like a home to a campsite.


Gasoline generators will produce less harmful carbon dioxide fumes and less noise than diesel generators. While there are diesel generators out there that are quiet enough for a home, you must look at the price tag and ask yourself if you’ll be using that diesel generator enough to see the monetary benefits it can provide.   


So, we’ve gone over the pros and cons of gasoline and diesel generators. Do you know which one is best for you? If you’re still struggling to pick, just remember that in general, if you need a prolonged output of intense power, a diesel generator is probably the right call.

If you need something for occasional use with smaller power output, then a gasoline generator is the machine for you.


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