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Premium Gasoline’s Effect on Gas Mileage

Premium means to be of exceptional quality. One of the places you’ve probably seen this term used the most is at a gas station. It’s the more expensive option that you always find yourself wondering if you should spring for. You might even think that it increases your vehicle’s gas mileage. Is that a fact or a myth? Continue reading to find out more about the effects of premium gasoline.

Premium vs. Regular Gasoline 

One of the main differences between premium and regular gasoline is their octane rating – a measure of fuel stability. Premium is typically rated between 91-94, which is the highest available. Essentially, this fuel is better at withstanding compression and stops knocking (early ignition) from occurring in the engine. Not every engine requires a high octane rating to operate efficiently, however. Some utilize regular gasoline, which has an octane rating of 87.

Check Your Vehicle’s Manual

So what vehicles take premium and why? It all depends on your vehicle’s manufacturer. Part of why they included a manual was to make you aware of the proper fluids their engines need to run. Luxury and sports cars are more likely to require premium gasoline than a typical four-door passenger car. Filling them up with the correct type of gasoline will help achieve desired fuel efficiency, performance, and emissions.

What If I Fuel Up on Premium Anyway?

If your manual recommends fueling up on premium, you have a choice to make. Consider how often you drive a vehicle and what you use it for. If not, then you’re practically throwing money away. Premium is around 50 cents more expensive per gallon on average and will not increase your vehicle’s performance.

How Does Premium Gasoline Effect Gas Mileage?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. You might want to think that paying more for gasoline will get you further on the road, but it’s just a myth. There are other factors at play for fuel economy including excessive short trips, colder weather, heavy braking, and more. You can work to improve your MPG by avoiding those tendencies.

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