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How Gas Stations Store Fuel

One of the most important services you can do for your vehicle is finding a reliable gas station. What makes one reliable? It’s all about their ability to constantly supply people with fuel each day. While it’s hard to tell where that fuel comes from, multiple gas stations across the U.S. have been doing it the same way for years. Here’s how:

Storage Tanks are Buried Underground

Underneath the pumps at your local gas station lie underground storage tanks. These are generally large enough to hold thousands of gallons of gasoline. Depending on what grades the station offers, there can be multiple tanks to separately hold premium, regular, and diesel.

Aboveground Storage Tanks

There are also storage tanks that are kept above ground to hold petroleum products. These can be filled with 10,000 gallons or more, depending on their size. Aboveground storage tanks tend to have a longer lifespan and are easier for gas stations to access.

Fuel is Delivered in Bulk

In order to fill their tanks, gas stations contact a fuel delivery company (like HSO) to deliver necessary products in bulk. These companies have access to terminals that convert petroleum into fuel before loading up their trucks for delivery. Once the fuel reaches its destination, it’s transferred into the corresponding tank.

Pumps Work to Defy Gravity

For the storage tanks that are buried underground and filled from above, fuel must defy gravity to make its way back to the surface. This is where the gas station’s pumps come into play. With the help of a motor or impeller inside the dispenser, fuel is forced upward through a pump to reach your vehicle.

Order Wholesale Today

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