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Is It Safe to Put Racing Fuel in My Normal Car?

Some gas stations have started carrying fuel above 91 octane or racing fuel. There are several different types of racing fuels, like pure methanol and nitromethane. However, there are still cars, like in NASCAR, that still use gasoline-type fuel. You must use the correct fuel type for your vehicle because it ultimately affects how efficient your engine is. In some cases, the type of fuel you use can destroy your engine. Keep reading to find out if it’s safe to put racing fuel in your normal car.

What Is Octane?

Traditional fuel, which we use in everyday cars, is usually 87 octane. It provides a reasonable amount of efficiency, yet it’s still cost-effective. Racing fuels typically have an octane rating between 98 and 110. The higher the octane rating, the better a vehicle can perform at higher temperatures and pressures.

The octane rating symbolizes a fuel’s ability to prevent knocking. Knocking is the premature combustion of your engine’s fuel and air mixture. Because standard cars naturally run at lower temperatures and pressures, they don’t require a high octane rating, and only 15% of the vehicles on the road require premium fuel, which has an octane rating of 90. Overall, you need to know that the higher the octane rating, the more resistant the fuel is to premature combustion.

What Fuel Is Right for My Car?

If you drive a vehicle that uses diesel fuel, you can only ever use diesel fuel. Trying to put regular racing gasoline, pure methanol, nitromethane, or leading racing fuel will completely ruin your engine. The same goes for a car tuned to use 87 octane gasoline. You cannot put anything other than gasoline in that car, or you risk causing costly damage to your engine. So, can you put higher octane gasoline in a regular car?

Simply put, yes, you can put higher octane gasoline, or racing fuel, in your average car. However, you’ll just be wasting your money. According to a consumer notice from the Federal Trade Commission, using higher octane gasoline than what the owner’s manual recommends will not benefit you. It does not make your engine more efficient; thus, it does not increase your speed, give you better mileage, or clean your engine. Trust us on this. Some racing fuel is five times more expensive than regular, 87 octane gasoline. Save your money and listen to what your owner’s manual has to say.

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