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How to Increase Your Fuel Efficiency on the Road

Here’s the reason people find themselves pulling into gas stations more often than not – their vehicles are not very fuel efficient. How is this possible? Measured in miles per gallon, fuel efficiency is the distance a vehicle can drive compared to how much fuel it consumes. Want to increase your fuel efficiency on the road? Follow these 5 tips:

Try Parking Instead of Idling

Did you know that idling a car wastes up to 0.5 gallons per hour? If your engine is running, it’s using fuel. Shut it off and put it in park unless you’re waiting at an intersection or stuck in traffic. There’s a common misconception that it takes less fuel to idle than it does to stop and restart a vehicle. It’s just not true.

Keep the Windows Down

It’s difficult choosing between having the windows down or the A/C up during the summertime. When it comes to fuel efficiency, however, a decision is easier to make. According to Business Insider, General Motors and SAE created a report on this very subject in 2004. “At speeds of 31 mph, 50 mph, and 68 mph in 86 degree F weather,” the A/C always uses more fuel by the mile. Time to roll those windows down more often.

Avoid Traveling at High Speeds

The faster you drive, the more fuel you will lose. Once you hit a speed of 50 miles per hour or higher, your vehicle’s fuel efficiency starts to drop. Specifically, decreases of 12.4% from 50 to 60 mph, an additional 14% from 60 to 70 mph, and another 15.4% from 70 to 80 mph – U.S. Department of Energy. Cruise control comes in handy when on long, flat highways to maintain a more controlled speed.

Strategize Your Outings

Plan on combining errands and outings to become more fuel efficient overall. Instead of driving home and back too often, think about all the tasks you can accomplish in one trip. Map out your drive to the bank, grocery store, and pharmacist – accounting for traffic and alternate routes – to avoid idling whenever possible.

Fill the Tires with Enough Air

If a vehicle’s tire pressure is below the recommended psi (pounds per square inch), then your gas mileage will decline by .4% for every 1-psi drop in pressure. This does not mean that you should overinflate your tires. Check your vehicle’s driver side door or handbook to find out the exact psi required for your tires.

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