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Gas Myth: Fueling Up in the Morning Saves You Money

Everyone has their own lengths that they would go to for saving a few bucks on just about anything. Some people see it as “cheating the system” while others say that they have a strategy to “beat the system.” Let’s say someone you know tells you that they started waking up at 5 a.m. in the morning to save money on gasoline. While you’re welcome to take their word for it, HSO still recommends that you do your homework before setting an alarm clock. Here’s more on the myth vs. the facts and how to actually save money on gasoline:

The Myth 

If you fuel up your vehicle in the morning, then you’ll save money on gasoline. Where did this myth originate? Think back to science class when you learned that liquids tend to expand as they are heated. This kind of reaction causes them to become less dense and provide less energy overall. You might now think that gasoline is heated by the sun throughout the day so it’s affected in the same way, right? With that logic, you’d then fill up in the morning to get the densest gasoline possible.

The Facts

Fueling up in the morning to save money, however, is just a misconception. When you pull up to a gas station, do you typically see the tanks where the gasoline is being stored? Probably not since they’re frequently buried underground. That means the sun can’t even reach the gasoline to heat it. It’s possible for a portion of gasoline left inside of the nozzle to heat up, but people use gas stations far too often for it to remain there long enough to make a difference.

Even if the tanks are kept above ground, the ones used today were built to keep gasoline at a constant temperature. The gasoline will be the same temperature as it was when it was first delivered, whether above or below ground.

How to Actually Save Money on Gasoline

Unfortunately, if you’re going out of your way then you’re actually spending more than you could be saving by driving those extra miles. There are practical ways to spend less on gasoline, though! Money Crashers shares 18 easy ways, which includes modifying your driving habits, gas-buying habits, and maintaining your vehicle. Here are just a few examples from their online article:

  • Modify your commute to reduce driving
  • Minimize idling time
  • Keep your tires properly inflated
  • Follow your car’s recommended maintenance schedule

A Tip from HSO

Download the free app of your local gas station, like Express Mart, which provides users with gasoline prices by location and coupons for snacks. Setting up an account will also earn you rewards that you can redeem inside one of our nine convenience stores across Jefferson and Washington County.




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