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Gas Myth: Fuel Additives Can Increase Gas Mileage

Gas Myth: Fuel Additives Can Increase Gas Mileage

With the rise in gas prices, gas-saving products like fuel additives are being rushed to the marketplace, claiming to be the next best product. Fuel additives have all sorts of benefits for your engine, and some say they can increase gas mileage. If you’ve ever wondered if fuel additives can increase gas mileage or if this is just a myth, you’ve come to the right place!

Can Fuel Additives Increase Gas Mileage?

Some manufacturers of fuel additives make bold statements about improving a car’s gas mileage, and yet, do they actually make a difference? The short answer is no. In fact, the FTC recommends a buyer-beware approach. Green Foot Global settled charges with the FTC in 2013, agreeing to pay $800,000 in refunds for making false, misleading, or unsubstantial claims about their fuel additive EnviroTabs.

Marketers said this product would increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and save consumers money and falsely stated they were scientifically proven to be effective. This warning from the FTC tells consumers they should be skeptical of any gas-saving or environmental claims for fuel additives. Even for gas-saving products that do work, the difference is minimal.

How Fuel Additives Work

Luckily, fuel additives are beneficial in other ways! If you only ever put gasoline in your fuel tank, you may be missing out. They improve engine performance, maintain fuel quality, prevent breakdowns, and reduce carbon emissions. Here is a list of the different types of fuel additives to consider.

  • Cleaners contain detergent to help remove carbon buildup and other gunk from your engine. While improvement doesn’t happen overnight, your car may run more smoothly over the course of a few months.
  • Fuel stabilizers prevent fuel from breaking down over time. If you know you won’t be driving a specific car or truck for a while, you can add a fuel stabilizer to keep the water and chemicals from separating.
  • Fuel enhancers improve your vehicle’s engine while it’s in use. Octane boosters help ensure that fuel will properly ignite. These enhancers increase the octane rating in your fuel, creating a more stable environment for combustion to occur.
  • Diesel additives are beneficial in winter. Since diesel fuel can gel when temperatures drop, diesel additives unclog fuel filters, reduce hard starts, and prevent engine damage.

It’s all about finding the right fuel additive for your vehicle’s needs. While it’s a myth that fuel additives can increase gas mileage, a fuel additive can keep your engine working well and prevent costly repairs.

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