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Gas Myth: All Brands of Gas Are the Same

Gas Myth: All Brands of Gas Are the Same

Everyone chooses their go-to gas station for several different reasons. It could be close by, have an amazing selection of snacks and drinks, or even offer the cheapest gas around. Let’s take a look at that last one for a second. Why is it that your gas station is always cheaper than the one down the street? Isn’t gasoline the same everywhere? This is a myth that HSO has cracked – not all brands of gas are the same! Here’s why:

What Makes Gasoline Different?

In order to make gasoline, oil companies utilize crude oil (a.k.a. petroleum). Since this resource comes from the earth, it needs to be taken to a refinery so that its parts can be separated into useable products. Gasoline is one of those products. No matter where this process takes place, gasoline is produced as the exact same byproduct of crude oil. Once gasoline is delivered to a place of business that wants to sell it, however, they are required by law to mix in additives.

It’s All About the Additives

According to the EPA, “Fuel additives are compounds formulated to enhance the quality and efficiency of fuels.” Additives in gasoline, specifically, are useful lubricants and can improve the octane rating of the gasoline itself. This means that additives assist with the maintenance and performance of an engine. So which additives does your gas station use vs. the one down the street? It’s up to the business owners who may sell you cheaper gas if they use fewer additives.

Premium vs. Regular Gasoline

So does that mean premium gasoline has more additives than regular? There’s a possibility that business owners make that decision, but it depends on where you purchase your gasoline. Is it worth it to upgrade to premium for more additives? Not exactly. Since there are regulations in place that state there must be a minimum amount of additives in gasoline, you’re still covered if you buy the cheap stuff. At the same time, your engine might require premium gasoline and any additional additives it receives will only be beneficial for its lifespan.

Ethanol in Gasoline

Most brands of gasoline also contain a percentage of ethanol. Why? It’s a renewable fuel that reduces the amount of overall emissions. Three types of gasoline and ethanol blends include E10, E15, and E85. E10 is made up of 90% gasoline and 10% ethanol. E15 is 85% gasoline and 15% ethanol. E85, or flex fuel, has up to 83% ethanol and is only used in flex fuel vehicles. Some gas stations, however, do provide ethanol-free gasoline.

Which Brand Should You Select?

While not all brands of gas are the same, that doesn’t mean one is significantly better than the other. It’s nearly impossible to know exactly what every station nearby puts in their gasoline, but unless your car runs on diesel, your engine will be just fine. Make sure to check your owner’s manual and fill up on the recommended fuel type.

Don’t forget to keep all of the factors from the beginning of this post in mind. Choose whoever is the most convenient for you, has the best food and drink, and offers a price that best fits your budget. Express Mart, for example, has 9 locations across Jefferson and Washington Counties. They have the best values on fuel, drinks, and snacks. Check out their app on Apple or Google Play. You’ll be able to find nearby stores and gas prices, redeem coupons, and even earn rewards!

For Business Owners

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