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Advantages of Using Heavy-Duty Solvents

Advantages of Using Heavy-Duty Solvents

There have been times in all of our lives when we ask ourselves the question – “When will I ever use this information in real life?” That’s especially true when you think back to high school classes like chemistry and topics like solvents. If you’ve now found yourself working with oils and lubrications on a daily basis, those lessons might actually come in handy! Before discussing the advantages of using heavy-duty solvents, let’s talk about what a solvent is in general.

What is a Solvent?

A solvent is a liquid that dissolves a solute – like water (solvent) and table salt (solute). While stirring salt in a glass of water was one experiment you were tasked with at a young age, adding vinegar to oil would have been another. Instead of dissolving like the salt, the vinegar separated from the oil and rested on the bottom, right? Simply put, not all solvents are effective in the same way.

What Makes Solvents Heavy-Duty?

Heavy-duty solvents, also known as industrial solvents, are typically formed from a mixture of multiple substances. They can be “20-30% heavier than water, and 50%+ heavier than alcohol,” and are widely utilized in multiple industries such as manufacturing, construction, engineering, and others.

Advantages of Heavy-Duty Solvents

1. Cleaning

There are many moving parts in industrial machines and heavy-duty equipment that need to be thoroughly cleaned in order to operate effectively. Since heavy-duty solvents are denser than water, this aspect makes them perfect for what is known as “displacement cleaning.” There are some contaminants, like dirt particles, that are simply insoluble and need to be displaced, or moved, instead of dissolved. The heavy-duty solvents are essentially able to pick them up and wash them away.

2. Degreasing

Due to the nature of their operation, parts of heavy-duty equipment tend to get covered in grease, oil, and other substances that require degreasing. This action allows for preventive maintenance in regards to daily performance and visibility when it comes to leaks or other damages that need to be repaired. Degreasing with the use of heavy-duty solvents also comes in handy when parts need to be painted or assembled. While in storage, some parts will have been treated with flammable, caustic, or highly concentrated chemicals that need to be removed.

3. Thinning Oil-Based Paint

Heavy-duty solvents are also excellent at thinning oil-based paints for application and removing paint or other stains. Mineral spirits, which are made from petroleum distillates (crude oil hydrocarbons), are just one example of options to choose from. While there is a difference between mineral spirits and paint thinner, they both have a similar purpose. Mineral spirits are less toxic/pungent and more effective/versatile.

Chemical Products Available at HSO

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